Psychology can play a role in numerous facets of our daily lives. View the information on this page for information on psychology's role in emergency preparedness and responding, mental health in the workplace, and healthy living.

Psychology's Role in Emergency Preparedness and Infectious Diseases

Emergencies, disasters and infectious diseases, like any life stressor, challenge the way people cope. Whether one learns about them on television or experiences them personally, one can feel upset, fearful and anxious as a result, both for one’s own personal safety as well as that of one’s family, friends and community. Stressful events can also bring up feelings and memories of previous traumatic events thereby compounding the distress that people feel.

In light of this, the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and its Executive Staff have been engaged in various emergency preparedness planning activities. Click here to find out more and to download various resources on coping with emergencies, disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti and diseases, such as H1N1.


Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health of Federal Public Servants

CPA has initiated a series of meetings with the federal government about the mental health of its human resource. Recent reports in the Ottawa Citizen indicate that approximately 40% of the disability claims of federal public servants are mental health related. CPA hopes to work with communities of interest in addressing the primary, secondary and tertiary mental health needs of Canada’s workforce. CPA hopes to engage its communities of experts and be able to lend assistance in meeting these needs and in promoting the system change necessary to enhancing access to psychological services when these are needed. Contact Drs. Cohen or Service at CPA Executive Office for more information (


Psychological Factors and Canada's Healthy Living Strategy

Canada's Integrated Healthy Living Strategy

The Integrated Pan-Canadian Healthy Living Strategy PDF "provides a conceptual framework for sustained action based on Healthy Living. It envisions a healthy nation in which all Canadians experience the conditions that support the attainment of good health. The goals of the Strategy are to improve overall health outcomes and to reduce health disparities. Grounded in a population health approach, the initial emphasis is on healthy eating, physical activity, and their relationship to healthy weights".

For more information, see: 

Psychological Factors and Canada's Healthy Living Strategy