The Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) invites you to attend our Annual Convention June 4-6, 2015 in Ottawa, Canada. Bringing together almost 2000 delegates, our convention attracts participants interested in sharing their latest discoveries and developments across the vast breadth that is the discipline of Psychology.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend the CPA’s Annual Convention

  1. Renew your excitement about the work you do! Although there’s a wealth of information available to you online and numerous ways to create and consume content, getting out and hearing from other psychologists and colleagues in your particular area – or even a different area – will reignite your enthusiasm.
  2. Have your voice heard. By attending the Annual General Meeting you will have the opportunity to participate in the electoral process of the CPA’s Board of Directors.
  3. Meet colleagues face to face. We all have the ability to make strong, positive, professional connections using digital technology today. We’re able to connect, collaborate and share information easily and quickly – there’s no denying that. Yet, there’s something powerful about meeting your online contacts face to face, something that will serve you well in future dealings and collaborations.
  4. Access to experts in the field. You get the chance to meet new people and even rub shoulders with the scholars and professionals who inspire you.
  5. Celebrate excellence and achievements. Be part of celebrating the accomplishments of psychologists and peers through our Awards Ceremony and various Section-recognitions.
  6. Share your research findings. Our convention gives you the chance to shine as a student/scholar, especially if you’re presenting. Presenting, which you can then list on your CV, gives you the opportunity to obtain feedback on your research.
  7. A remarkably varied program. Covering over 34 different areas of psychology, our convention will provide you with an opportunity to hear from both established experts in the field and from our next and emerging generation of psychologists.
  8. We make networking easy! Whether specific to a specialized area of psychology or from a more general perspective, you will be able to connect with psychologists and students from across the country via various planned sessions and social activities.
  9. Learn how your field fits into the landscape of Canadian psychology. Our convention will provide you with an opportunity to see how your particular area of psychological interest cross-cuts other areas that you may have not previously considered.
  10. Discover what activities the CPA undertakes on behalf of the profession in Canada. You will hear how you membership dollars are being used to advance the science, practice and education of psychology through a number of activities undertaken throughout the year by CPA’s Executive Officers and other Head Office staff including meeting with MPs and various employers, conversing with Chairs of Psychology Departments, and liaising with the funders – to name a few…
Find your place in the national association for psychology! Come to the Canadian Psychological Association Annual Convention and enjoy one of many benefits of being a CPA Member or Affiliate.