Student volunteers are an important part of the CPA Convention and have been for many years. Each volunteer works a minimum of 8 hours, helping at the Convention Registration desk or in the Field. You'll interact with the conference organizers, presenters and will meet other students. More information about the experience, the benefits, and how to sign up are provided below.

To volunteer:

Who is eligible to be a student volunteer?
Any full time student may become a student volunteer however CPA Student Affiliates are given priority.

What do I get in return for being a student volunteer?
In exchange for 8 hours of convention service, you will receive:

  • A chance to meet and work with students from other schools.
  • The opportunity to participate in a flagship educational activity for psychological science and practice...and a sincere gratitude for your efforts.

Note that in addition to these benefits, as a registered student attendee, you have:

  • Access to all sessions (excluding Pre-Convention Workshops)
  • Access to all exhibits
  • Access to the President’s reception on Wednesday evening

What kinds of work will I do as a student volunteer?
There are two areas during the Convention that Student Volunteers may choose to assist with:

  • Registration Area - Handing out delegate kit bags, badges and providing directions
  • Field - Surveying every session, including the poster sessions, to verify presence of presenters and to provide an estimated count of attendees. All information will be recording in a FIELD PROGRAMME Book


Can I get funding for travel or hotel expenses?
The convention itself does not provide travel or accommodation funding for convention delegates.