What might you ask of your political candidate when it comes to psychological services?

  1. Does your party platform contain anything related to the psychological health of Albertans?
  2. Do you support parity between resources made available for treatment of psychological and physical health problems?
  3. Do you support the specific inclusion of initiatives related to psychological health and addictions for 2014 when the federal-provincial health accord comes up for renewal?
  4. What will your party do to improve access to psychological services in Alberta and in this riding, particularly for middle and low income Albertans?
  5. What will your party do to improve access to school psychology services in Alberta schools, particularly for students at risk and for students with special needs?

Advocacy Messages

  1. Psychological well-being, problems and disorders concern all Albertans
  2. Psychological services are proven effective in helping Albertans to maintain psychological health and to deal with psychological and health-related problems and disorders (e.g., chronic pain, sleep disorders, cardiac care).
  3. Psychological services are not covered under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Program. Alberta’s public and private health care insurance plans don’t do enough to ensure Albertans have adequate and equal access to psychological services.
  4. People in lower and middle income brackets face particularly significant barriers when it comes to the cost of psychological services in this province.
  5. Alberta’s government, employers and private insurers must do more to ensure all Albertans – regardless of income – can access the psychological care they need.
  6. School psychology services are a necessary component of the supports and services all school children are entitled to.