What might you ask of your political candidate when it comes to post-secondary education and research in psychology?  

  1. Does your party platform contain anything related to post-secondary education and funding for research?
  2. What is your party’s position on support for the human resources (i.e. university faculty) and infrastructure (i.e. buildings and equipment) essential to providing post-secondary education to Canadians?
  3. What is your party’s position on funding for post-secondary study for Canadians and, in particular, for graduate university study critical to the successful practice of many of Canada’s disciplines and professions?
  4. What will your party do to ensure funding for research via Canada’s granting Councils?
  5. What is your party’s position on funding for inquiry driven versus targeted research?
  6. How is your party prepared to support research into the biological, psychological and social factors upon which societies depend for their success?
  7. Will your party commit to increasing funding for Canadian basic and applied research in the social and biological sciences?