You may be an undergraduate or graduate student in psychology, a university faculty member, a scientist working in a public institution (e.g. university, hospital, government department or non-governmental organization) or a scientist working in the private sector.  You might be a practitioner in private practice, working in a publicly funded institution (e.g. hospital, correctional facility, school) or you may be working in private industry.  You might be a member of CPA and/or a member of another association of psychological scientists or practitioners (e.g. Canadian Society of Brain and Behaviour Scientists, provincial or territorial association of psychology) and/or a representative of another group or alliance such as the Canadian Council of Departments of Psychology (CCDP) or the Canadian Council of Professional Psychology Programs (CCPPP). 

If health services, post-secondary education and research in psychology are of concern to you, you are welcome to use this page.
If you are not a psychologist, but psychological research, education or service delivery are of concern to you, please also feel free to use this page.