What can you as an individual practitioner, student, researcher, faculty member or Ontarian do to advance psychological/mental health, access to services, school psychology services, and support for advanced education and research in psychology?
  1. Personalize the letter provided in this e-Advocacy Campaign and use this web site to send your letter to your MPP and your MP. I does not matter if you agree with the positions taken by their parties. They are your elected representatives. They want to hear from you. We want them all to think of psychology as a solution to health care issues in Ontario.
  2. Follow up the letter with a short meeting with them in the constituency office. Materials are available on the OPA web site to help focus your conversation.
  3. Follow up this campaign with information emailed to the constituency office when OPA and/or CPA asks for your help or when you become aware of interesting information or developments in your practice or the riding.