Whereas, psychological health is a key element to health and healthy living;

Whereas, a large proportion of Ontarians will experience mental health disorders in their lifetime; (one in five Canadians experiences a mental disorder, with depression and anxiety being most common);

Whereas, a large number of Ontarians will experience stress related health issues, compromised employment and relationship disturbance for which psychological therapies are the treatment of choice;

Whereas, Ontarians continue to have difficulty accessing psychological services;

Whereas, the number of psychologists trained and practicing in the province of Ontario has not been adequate to meet the needs of Ontarians;

Be it resolved that, the Province of Ontario will increase the number of psychologists trained in Ontario universities by:

a) increasing the number funded Clinical Psychology Pre-Doctoral internship positions at Ontario hospitals by 5% per year for five years (2016),

b) establishing three university based doctor of psychology programs in the province, one of which will be in clinical psychology, one in clinical health psychology and one in school psychology.

Be it further resolved that the Province of Ontario increase the number of staffed psychologists providing direct service to Ontarians through Family Health Teams and publicly funded institutions to make these services more available to middle and low income Ontarians.

This will be undertaken through dialogue with interested parties including the Ontario Psychological Association.

Note: OPA would like to thank the Canadian Psychological Association (www.cpa.ca) for their financial, policy and logistical support of this project.