The CNC/IUPsyS is a CPA committee that enacts Canada’s participation in the International Union of Psychological Science under a partnership agreement with the National Research Council of Canada. Information about the committee is available at

Nominations are required from CPA Members and Fellows for the following positions for 4-year terms beginning at the CPA convention in June 2017 and ending in June 2021:

Health Sciences Member-at-Large
Social Sciences Member-at-Large
Neuro-Bio-Behavioural Sciences Member-at-Large

Any CPA Member or Fellow whose primary activities are in research and teaching in the designated area may be nominated for these positions. Given the nature of the Committee, candidates who are members of an international association or who have attended at least one international congress will be given preference.

Each nomination shall consist of:

  • a letter from the nominator that states the position for which the candidate is being nominated, expresses support for the candidate, and contains a statement to the effect that the nominator has ascertained the candidate’s willingness to stand for nomination;
  • a current curriculum vitae of the candidate (including educational background, present and former positions, research and professional activities, organization membership and involvement, and international congress participation); and
  • supporting statements from two CPA Members/Fellows.

The deadline to submit nominations shall be May 15, 2017. Nominations and supporting documents (and requests for further information) should be sent by e-mail to the Chair of the CNC/IUPsyS at


2016-2017 Committee / Comité

Chair / Présidente

Jennifer Veitch  

Members / Membres

Janel Gauthier IUPsyS delegate / ex officio, Chair of International Relations Committee
  Marta Young IUPsyS delegate
  John Berry IUPsyS delegate
  David Nussbaum Member-at-large, health sciences
  Keith Dobson Member-at-large, health sciences
  Michel Lariviere Member-at-large, health sciences
  Don Saklofske Member-at-large, social sciences
  Peter Hausdorf Member-at-large, social sciences
  Joseph Snyder Member-at-large, social sciences
  Aimee Surprenant Member-at-large, neuro-bio-behavioural sciences
  Douglas Mewhort Member-at-large, neuro-bio-behavioural sciences
  Valerie Thompson Member-at-large, neuro-bio-behavioural sciences
  Zarina Giannone Student member
  Jean Saint-Aubin ex officio, Chair of Scientific Affairs Committee / Board liaison
  Pierre Ritchie ex officio, IUPsyS delegate to ICSU-WHO
  Michel Sabourin ex officio, Treasurer of IUPsyS 

Contact the Committee / Contactez le comité :



The International Union of Psychological Science works to promote "the development, representation and advancement of psychology as a basic and applied science nationally, regionally, and internationally" (Article 5, IUPsyS Statutes). It represents psychology in its full breadth as a science and as a profession.’ (from the IUPsyS web site,

The Canadian National Committee (CNC) for the International Union of Psychological Science (CNC/IUPsyS) was created through an agreement between the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA), and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), which jointly with CPA supports Canada’s affiliation with the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS). As the representative of the Canadian scientific community working in the field of psychology, the CPA is responsible for creating and maintaining a CNC in support of Canada's affiliation with the IUPsyS. Through the CNC/IUPsyS, the CPA provides support to NRC for Canada's participation in the IUPsyS.  The CNC/IUPsyS reports directly to the CPA Board of Directors.