Listserv Guidelines

Listserv Guidelines
  1. CPA provides e-mail distribution lists (listservs) so that the organization can communicate with its members and so that members can communicate with each other on topics of interest.
  2. Each listserv focuses on a particular topic. Several sections of CPA have a listserv dedicated to news and topics relating to that section.
  3. Each listserv has one or more CPA volunteers to act as administrator/moderator. The administrator has the following roles:
    • Preview or review all posts to the list.
    • Encourage discussion on the listserv.
    • Respond to requests for addition or removal by subscribers.
    • Accept or decline posts from non-subscribers (typically spam).
    • Take corrective action if a subscriber has posted an e-mail to the list which violates the guidelines of the list.
    • Periodically update the listserv subscribership when subscribership depends on paid membership with CPA or one of its sections.
    • Communicate with CPA’s System Administrator if the list is not functioning correctly.
    • Inform CPA’s System Administrator of any changes to listserv settings, and any changes to the listserv’s administrator list.
  4. CPA’s System Administrator has the following roles:
    • Ensure the proper functioning of all listservs.
    • Configure the listserv settings depending on the needs of the list.
    • Maintain a list of administrators and passwords for each list.
    • Create or delete a listserv at the request of the listserv administrators.
  5. Each list has the following general posting guidelines:
    • Posts must be topically relevant to the list.
    • Posts must be professional in nature, respecting other subscribers, the membership, the organization, and the profession.
    • Posts shall be in plain text and must not contain attachments.
    • Posts shall be in English or French.
    • ALL CAPS may be used sparingly for emphasis, but excessive use is considered shouting and is discouraged.
    • Job postings are a fee-based service of CPA. (See: Job postings may only be posted on a listserv if they have already been paid for and posted on the careers section of the CPA website.
    • The administrator/moderator will first provide a private warning to any subscriber who does not respect the posting guidelines. The administrator/moderator may remove or block a subscriber who continues to violate the posting guidelines. The administrator/moderator’s decision is final.
    • CPA and its Sections assume no responsibility for subscriber posts, be they factually incorrect, libelous, or illegal in nature.
  6. Each list administrator may determine rules for subscribership to their listserv. When subscribership depends on membership in a section, the list of members is available from the section chair. When subscribership depends on membership in the CPA, the list of members is available from the CPA membership department. The administrator may mass-subscribe all members of CPA or one of its sections without consulting the members, provided the first posting comes from the administrator and explains the nature of the listserv, posting guidelines, and how to unsubscribe. At this time, CPA is not able to track who wishes not to be added to any CPA listservs. The administrator may decide to allow:
    • posts from non-subscribers
    • subscription and posts from non-members
    • subscription and posts from members who have not paid their annual dues
  7. All posts must contain the following on the signature line: “The author of this email is the sole person responsible for its content. Please respect the list guidelines at when posting an email to this list.”
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Approved May 2007