Attitudes toward Statistics, Software, Research Practices, and Open Science #38

Title: Attitudes toward Statistics, Software, Research Practices, and Open Science

Description: Poor statistical and research practices slow down scientific advancement and impact society at large. Such research practices lead to lack of replicable effects and potentially misleading conclusions or results. Open science practices have been widely recommended to help combat against these issues, but researchers are not adopting them too quickly. This study consists of two parts: 1) We will examine the psychometric properties of previously developed measures tapping into attitudes toward statistics for students in a general researcher population as well as questions asking about research practices. After validating the measures in part 1, they will be used in part 2 of the study where we seek to examine attitudes toward statistics, attitudes toward open science practices, and the frequency with which researchers engage in certain research practices. We will use online surveys to assess attitudes toward statistical software and practices in researchers, and determine the extent to which these attitudes are related to the adoption of recommended statistical and open science research practices. Results from the study will help scholars writing about open science and research methods identify important next steps in their own research by disentangling the observed behavioural practices and the reasons behind such practices.

Specifics: Study Population:
Participants will include English-speaking psychology researchers (including PhD students) with at least a Master in psychology (or related) conducting research at a N.American institution (e.g., at a university, hospital, private sector, government):

Participant Obligation:
The online survey (via Qualtrics) should take approximately 20-30 minutes and is completely anonymous. Participation is voluntary and participants can pause or stop the survey at any point.

Participants can opt to enter a draw to win one of 5 $50.00 gift cards. Winners will be able to choose between several gift card options (Amazon, Starbucks, etc.) This project is funded by SSHRC and has been reviewed and approved by the REB at Ryerson University (REB 2020-532).

Location: online - Toronto

Project lead: Udi Alter, Supervisor: Alyssa Counsell

Study Dates: January 15, 2021 to December 31, 2021

Study Website: