COVID-19: Student stress, coping, and resilience study

Title: COVID-19: Student stress, coping, and resilience study

Description: COVID-19 is expected to have a profound psychological impact (Paluszek et al., 2020). Some groups may be particularly susceptible to stress during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as post-secondary students. Students may experience a host of stressors, including abrupt shifts to online learning, inability to return home, and inability to secure employment due to COVID-19. Only one study has been undertaken to examine the mental well-being of students during the COVID-19 pandemic (Cao et al., 2020); however, the results of the study are limited to students in China and do not take into account the influence of school-specific stressors encountered by students. Our research team is conducting a study seeking to further our understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on North American post-secondary student’s stress, coping, and mental health during the pandemic.

Specifics: Study Population: Current or recent (i.e., graduated spring 2020) students at Canadian or American post-secondary institutions that are over 18 years old and can read and write English above an 8th grade level. International students are eligible.

Participant Obligation: Participants are asked to complete an online survey with questions about demographics, attitudes and anxiety related to COVID-19, hygiene behaviours, mental health concerns, risk and resilience factors, school-related stress, and coping responses.

Location: online - Regina

Project lead: Dr. Gordon Asmundson

Study Dates: June 29, 2020 to December 31, 2020

Study Website: