Effect Sizes in Criminal Justice Psychology: Applied Perspectives #85

Title: Effect Sizes in Criminal Justice Psychology: Applied Perspectives

Description: Psychological researchers have been encouraged to report effect size indices along with more traditional measures of statistical significance (i.e., a p-value and a statement of whether a result is statistically significant or not). Effect size indices are thought to help people determine the practical importance of research findings. We are interested in using a qualitative approach to develop a theoretical framework on how individuals who work in more applied areas of psychology, such as criminal justice psychology, think about and use effect size information in their work. There is currently no theoretical framework that describes this process. The results of this study will provide information about how effect sizes are used in applied aspects of psychology, where practical meaningfulness is an essential component.

Specifics: Study Population:
We are recruiting psychologists who work in the criminal justice system (e.g., forensic psychologists, correctional psychologists, etc.). Participants must be licensed and practicing psychologists. All interviews will be conducted in English.

Participant Obligation:
Participants will be asked to complete one in-depth interview (up to 60 minutes) and one follow-up interview (up to 30 minutes) several weeks later. Participants will be compensated with $25 CN (e-transfer or Amazon gift card).

If interested in participating in this study, or learning more about it, please contact Kathleen Soule (kathleensoule@trentu.ca) or Kevin Peters (kevinpeters@trentu.ca).

Location: All interviews will be conducted over Zoom. The project team is located at in Peterborough, Ontario.

Project lead: Kevin Peters, student researcher: Kathleen Soule

Study Dates: January 9, 2023 to July 31, 2023