Investigating Health and Health Behaviours of Canadians #90

Title: Investigating Health and Health Behaviours of Canadians

Description: The aim of this research is to improve our understanding of how Canadians are currently using mobile technologies to assist in their self-management of health and wellness. This study will collect information including demographics, health history, self-reported mobile device use, and will ask respondents about their current physical and mental wellbeing. Such exploration will further our understanding of Canadians’ use of mobile health (mHealth) applications and other technology, and it is our hope that this will inform future development and improvement of these personal health management tools. Participants will complete an online survey with an expected duration of approximately 20 to 30 minutes. All responses are anonymous, unless a participant opts to provide their contact information for future research opportunities. All participants will be provided with a downloadable list of mental health resources.

Specifics: Study Population
Participants must be aged 15 or older and live in Canada. Participants must be able to complete the survey in English. Internet or cellular data access is required as the survey is online.

Questions or other enquiries can be sent to

Participant Obligation:
Total time commitment will be approximately 20-30 minutes per participant. Each participant will complete an online self-report survey. Participants can decline to answer any question(s) they prefer not to answer and end the survey at any time.

Location: Online - Victoria

Project lead: Theone Paterson

Study Dates: December 19, 2022 to May 31, 2023

Study Website: