Premature Termination of Therapy from the Client’s Viewpoint #57

Title: Premature Termination of Therapy from the Client’s Viewpoint

Description: This is a qualitative investigation that pertains to Change Process Research. I plan to interview clients who have unilaterally decided to quit therapy without informing their therapists in order to gain an in-depth and emic understanding of this destructive therapy event. Interviews will be analysed using Structured Thematic Analysis in view of constructing a thematic/conceptual scheme that explains clients’ perspective on how they became disenfranchised from therapy. The penultimate objective of the study is to inform therapists so that they may detect ‘red flags’ and prevent therapeutic failure by abandonment. Because premature termination is heavy with consequences for clients, their entourage, for therapists, agencies, and society as a whole, the study has compelling social ramifications.

Study Population:
English-speaking individuals over the age of 18 who: a) had considered themselves to be engaged in therapy with a psychotherapist within last 5 years ; and b) had decided to unilaterally end the therapy before having reached their goals

Participant Obligation:
Participation will consist of one interview session that will last approximately 60 minutes and that will be conducted on Zoom. The interviewer will ask about experiences as a client who decided to stop attending regular appointments with a therapist

I am enlisting my colleagues collaboration to post recruitment materials in their work locations (if they have permission). If colleagues are willing to post for us, I will send materials for recruitment. I can be reached at

Location: Online - Ottawa, Ontario

Project lead: Anne Theriault

Study Dates: March 28, 2022 to June 28, 2022