Work-Family Balance in Psychology [#94]

Title: Work-Family Balance in Psychology

Description: This study aims to better understand the predictors of satisfaction with work-family balance, job satisfaction, and income in Canadian psychologists and psychologists-in-training. We have five specific objectives. We aim to measure the impact of (1) gender, (2) family characteristics, (3) relationship (marital) satisfaction, (4) professional training, and (5) work characteristics (including work flexibility) on satisfaction with work-family balance. This is imperative to increase equity and diversity in our field and retain psychologists in the field. To accomplish these aims, this study employs a brief online questionnaire.

Specifics: Study Population:
Our population is comprised of all self-identified psychologists or psychologists-in-training (in a Master's or doctoral program) in Canada. We hope for participation from psychologists across the country and in a variety of areas.

Participant Obligation:
Participants simply need to complete our survey in either of French or English. It will take less than 30 minutes

Location: Online--Winnipeg.

Project lead: Jen Theule

Study Dates: June 1, 2023 to October 1, 2023

Study Website: