NEW The CPA and APA re-sign the First Street Accord

On Friday, August 4, 2017, the Presidents and CEOs of both the CPA and APA re-signed the First Street Accord at the 125th APA National Convention in Washington DC. The Accord asserts that the accreditation standards, policies and principles, and processes of each organization are seen as equivalent. The Accord allows for mutual monitoring and information exchange related to accreditation, and promotes the communication of the Accord to those groups responsible for educating, training, hiring, regulating, and credentialing psychologists in both countries. Although the spirit of the Accord has not changed, some changes in wording were made to reflect the regulatory process changes in both Canada and the USA since its original signing in 2012. You can view a copy of the Accord here: endorsed_w_schedules_82017.pdf) and you can view a short fact sheet on the Accord here: Information Sheet on the First Street Accord 2017.pdf

CPA and APA launch the First Street Accord, a mutual agreement on accreditation

In 2012, the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and American Psychological Association (APA) approved and signed the First Street Accord.  The Accord is a mutual recognition agreement on accreditation.  It demonstrates that the APA views the accreditation standards and principles of the CPA as equivalent to the Commission on Accreditation guidelines and principles.  Similarly, the CPA views the accreditation guidelines and principles of the Commission on Accreditation as equivalent to the accreditation standards and principles of the CPA.  This mutual recognition agreement applies only to the accreditation activities each association undertakes in its own country.  It is an agreement that recognizes the equivalence of the systems of accreditation of the CPA and APA and does not confer any reciprocal accreditation status on any of the programs they accredit.  The entirety of the agreement can be found at First Street Accord.