Breaking the ADHD Code

Nov 12, 2022

Breaking the ADHD Code
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A novel, neurologically based behavioural treatment to help your clients manage symptoms of ADHD

Clients with ADHD often present with specific symptoms, particularly as organization problems, poor memory, or relationship challenges. Adults in particular present with a desperation to make their lives better, but as therapists we often end up “chasing symptoms”: this session we are addressing organization, next session it’s sleep, the following session it’s poor memory, the session after that it’s back to organization, then on to diet, and so on. Helping adults with ADHD on a longer term basis can be very challenging. That’s where BREAKING THE ADHD CODE comes in.

BREAKING THE ADHD CODE (BTAC) is an online course providing 6 ½ hours of pre-recorded instruction and a 7 hour live webinars, along with free ongoing follow-up classes. BTAC is a systematic, comprehensive program that has arisen out of my model of Adrenaline Addiction in ADHD, which I have been developing over two decades of treating adults with ADHD. There is a 52 minute video introduction to my approach to treating ADHD at [].

By the end of this course, you will understand:
* Why adults with ADHD keep cycling through different challenges in the therapists office;
* How adrenaline-seeking behaviours stimulate dopamine release, and thus become addictive;
* The impact of the Adrenaline-Dopamine cycle on the lives and mental health of adults with ADHD;
* How the Adrenaline-Dopamine cycle impacts relationships;
* The role of predictable fluctuations in energy, mood and focus in many adults with ADHD;
* How to help adults with ADHD think differently about medication
* Practical, ADHD-specific strategies to address lifestyle factors, including sleep, nutrition, and self-regulation;
* And most importantly, how to use this knowledge to help your ADHD clients make real changes in their lives;

Graduates of the course will be listed on a providers page as someone who has been trained in this approach. Given some complexity in the program, graduates of the course will be able to take the live webinar a second time at no extra cost.


How Long Do I Have Access to the Course Materials? Once you have completed the course, you will have access to the materials for one year, or you can download the files for your personal use.

Do I Have to Attend the Live Webinars? Yes. If you do not want to attend the live webinar, you can check out a series of videos that I have prepared for clients, called the “Adrenaline Addiction in ADHD model” at []

What is the Price? $367 CAD + applicable tax. There is a 10% Early Bird discount until October 15th. You will be given access to the pre-recorded videos immediately upon registration. Once you have access to those materials, no refunds will be offered. However, if you are unable to attend a live webinar for some reason, you will have the option to take it at a future offering.

When Does the Next Course Start? The next offering of BREAKING THE ADHD CODE is on Saturday November 12, 2022 from 9 AM to 5 PM Mountain Time. Registration closes October 31, 2022.

Does BTAC Qualify for Continuing Education Credits? Not at this time.

For more information, go to [] or email [].