Sun Life Group Benefits Coverage for Psychological Services (March 2021)

Sun Life recently released the document Shaping group benefits: Employer insights that are helping guide the plans of the future, which is intended to help employers shape their (health) benefits for employees.  Importantly, following discussions initiated by CPA, Sun Life included the CPA’s recommendation to increase coverage for psychological services to $3,500-$4,000.  Many employers currently cap their coverage in the $500-$1,000 range. This step is an important recognition by one of Canada’s largest insurers of the value to employers in providing meaningful amounts of coverage for psychological services.

Employer and Employee Decision-Making in Providing/Accessing Psychological Services (Ongoing)

The CPA, in partnership with the Mental Health Commission of Canada and the Conference Board of Canada have developed a survey of employees and employers; in the former to better understand the availability of psychological services, and in the latter, to better understand the strategic issues that are at play when it comes to employer decisions regarding coverage.