Launch of Members Only Advocacy Toolkit for Psychology

In addition to the advocacy work that the CPA undertakes on your behalf, the Association strongly believes it is important to invest in, and equip, our members and affiliates with the knowledge, strategies and tools they need to be an effective advocate. For this reason, the CPA has created the Very Involved Psychologist (VIP) and Very Involved Psychological Researcher (VIPR) program. As part of that program, we have developed a toolkit to assist members in building their advocacy skill set and/or confirming their approach.

Non-Members can read more about the toolkit here –

Members can access the toolkit by signing into the CPA’s Members Only site here –

“How to Do the Work: Advocacy Skills for Psychology Students”

Attaining and engaging in advocacy skills enables students to make significant contributions to society and public policy, including the ability to connect, collaborate, inspire, and work with their communities. This workshop will provide opportunities for students to gain and continually develop skills in the following key areas: leadership, advocacy, and networking.

Presented by: Joanna Collaton, Alejandra Botia, Alanna K Chu, and Glenn Brimacombe.

Originally Presented as part of the CPA’s Virtual Convention, June 22, 2021.

Very Involved Psychologist/Researcher (VIPR) (Ongoing)

The CPA, in launching its new Very Involved Psychologist (VIP)/Psychology Researcher (VIPR) in 2019 has attracted close to 20 members.  In addition to meeting with members both bilaterally and as a group, staff are in the process of revising CPA’s Advocacy Guide and developing a more detailed program of work.  The updated guide is designed to encourage psychologists toward greater political participation and provides basic tools and strategies for bringing forward (policy) issues to governments.  Members who are interested in participating in this program should contact Glenn Brimacombe.