Music-Integrated Therapy Training: Winter 2022 Group

January 9, 2022

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    Do you love music and wish you could integrate it into your clinical work to offer clients a new, creative approach?

    Learn how to bring the benefits of music to your practice with the 12-Week Online Music-Integrated Therapy Training!

    In this powerful research-based and experiential program, you’ll:

    -Understand how music can meet the unique needs of your clients
    -Gain practical skills you can use right away, designed especially for your musicality, your approach, and your clients.
    -Learn how to integrate anti-oppressive clinical-musical practices
    -Explore your musical history and preferences, and learn how these inform your musical-clinical work
    -Learn how to use music with clients in-person and online
    Plus so much more…

    Music-Integrated Therapy Training meets you where you are at musically: it’s for people who have never picked up an instrument, highly trained musicians, and everyone in between.

    Winter 2022 Group starts January 9th
    12 Weekly Meetings on Tuesdays from 10:00-11:30amPST, beginning January 18, 2022

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    *Looking for more personalized attention? The Individual Training Program is also on offer. For more information, visit: