Présidents des sections de la SCP

La SCP a compilé les documents suivants pour aider les présidents des sections de la SCP à la formation, aux responsabilités et la gestion d’une section.

Sections Operations Manual

Section Terms of Reference

Within one year of obtaining approval to establish a Section, a Section is required to pass By-Laws (by email vote or at the Section’s annual business meeting held during the Convention) in conformity with the Model By-laws (2009). These Section-passed By-Laws shall be forwarded for Board approval to the Chair of the Committee on Sections via email at

Section By-Laws may completely parallel the Model By-Law structure, or may vary from it, as long as all bold items in the Model By-Laws are covered in the Section’s By-Laws.

CPA By-Laws

Sections have official status under the By-Laws of the Association (see CPA By-laws).

Procedures for Forming a Section

Approval to establish a Section within CPA may be granted by the Board of Directors when a group of at least 25 (any combination) CPA Fellows/ Members and Affiliates of the Association submit a petition which includes: 1) a statement of purpose and goals of the proposed Section; 2) the name of the Section; 3) the name of the founding Chairperson or Coordinator; and 4) the name of any other founding officers.

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