Somatic Attachment Psychotherapy 2 Year Training

Training begins March 9 – 12, 2023

Location: Held live via Zoom for Healthcare
Contact Phone Number: (250) 514-4731
Contact E-Mail:
Event Link: relational experiences forge a neurophysiological and psychological template of self, often creating insecure attachment which distorts the development of self and impacts relational functioning throughout the lifespan. Corresponding affect management strategies and attachment patterns, accompanied by dysregulation of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), impact one’s self perceptions, world and identity. This legacy of trauma deeply impacts the integrity of the self, creating a split between psyche, body and spirit. Therapists are called to facilitate shifting of affect management strategies, attachment patterning, and support the maturation and development of complex right brain functioning to heal relational trauma, including insecure attachment, PTSD, and chronic shame, rather than merely working with symptom reduction. This training responds to this call and offers an immersive educational experience to deepen embodiment and capacity as therapist.

Throughout the 6, 4 day clinics we delve into the theoretical and conceptual understandings of: the interconnected realms of embodied and imaginal somatic and interpersonal/relational psychodynamic principles and practices; clinical understandings and application of attachment research, specifically from the Adult Attachment Interview; emergent neuroscience research; trauma studies; embodiment studies and practices, and; earth-based wisdoms. Materials are presented using interactive lecture, discussions, demonstrations, experiential exercises, and coached practice sessions where participants will have opportunities to put the material into practice in a supported learning environment. Group case consultations to further integrate the material into clinical practice are offered between clinics to further deepen practice, understanding and integration.

This training requires a graduate degree in a mental health discipline.

FEES: 1075 per clinic (6 clinics 6450), includes gst

DATES: March 9 – 12, June 22 – 25, October 26 – 29, 2023, Year two tba

TIMES: 9 – 5 Pacific Time each day

HOURS: total training 151

INSTRUCTOR: Lisa Mortimore, PhD