Innovations in Psychotherapy – Cancun 2023 – 5-day CE Winter Workshops in Cancun

February 2023

Innovations in Psychotherapy - Cancun 2023 - 5-day CE Winter Workshops in Cancun
Location: Cancun, Mexico
Contact Phone Number: (705) 644-2363
Contact E-Mail:
Event Link: winter for a week in Cancun while you gain new clinical skills and earn CEs!Psychotherapy’s thought leaders will once again meet in Cancun this February to share their knowledge about the latest practices, theories, therapies, and advances in the mental health field.At this unique learning and vacation experience designed for mental health professionals, you’ll train in the morning and have afternoons at leisure at an all-inclusive, luxury, 4.5-star resort.LIMITED-TIME OFFER… From November 14 through November 28, save 40%* on workshop registration fees when you purchase with accommodation during the Black Friday Sale!Choose from six morning-only, 5-day workshops led by today’s leading clinicians…• Frank Anderson, MD – IFS Parts – Yours & Theirs: What Every Successful IFS Therapist Needs to Know

Develop an effective roadmap for managing ‘your client’s protective parts’ as well as ‘your own parts’ that can get activated when working with challenging clients using the IFS Model of Therapy.

• Lisa Ferentz, MSW, LCSW-C, DAPA – Treating Anxiety & Depression: Creative Strategies to Help Your Most Challenging Clients

Expand your toolbox of creative intervention strategies for treating your most challenging clients who are experiencing long-term struggles with anxiety and depression.

• John Briere, PhD – Complex Trauma & Challenging Client Presentations: Addressing 5 Clinical Dilemmas with Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience

Explore new state-of-the-art interventions for complex trauma while you learn how to maintain attunement and equanimity in the face of five challenging clinical presentations.

• Tammy Nelson, PhD – Clinical Interventions for Sex, Intimacy & Relationship Dilemmas

Learn to help clients out of the intimacy impasses that lead to low sex and sexless relationships while you explore intimacy and erotic recovery and integrative relationship therapy for difficult relationship dilemmas.

• Arielle Schwartz, PhD – Somatic Therapy: New Approaches to Trauma Treatment

Discover new skills to help clients process traumatic events through breath and movement using Somatic Therapy, allowing clients to not only cope with their traumatic wounds, but also find greater resolution.

• Eliana Gil, PhD – Using Expressive Therapies in Clinical Practice: 2023 Best Practices for Working with Kids & Families

Explore expressive therapy models firsthand (and your own creativity!) while you learn how to integrate them into your practice for working with kids and families.

Please join us this winter to learn and play in a tropical paradise! You can come solo or bring the family! And be sure to checkout our optional Paradise Perks activities – available to you and your travelling companions.

*Black Friday discount is valid until midnight EST November 28, 2022, on workshop fees only for new registrations only when purchased with accommodation at the same time and is applied automatically during checkout. Coupons/discounts cannot be combined.