MiCBT Foundation Course (Online – 10 sessions)

Friday March 27, 2020 from 9am-12pm PST.

MiCBT Institute
    Location: Online
    Beginning Friday March 27, 2020 from 9am-12pm PST. This first stage of training in MiCBT is an exciting opportunity for anyone who is curious about using a structured mindfulness approach in their clinical work and exploring a twice daily meditation practice.
    -Details & Registration: https://mindfulness.net.au/BookingRetrieve.aspx?ID=314385

    Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MiCBT) addresses a broad range of psychological disorders and general stress conditions. MiCBT uses a novel and effective therapeutic system based on exposure and desensitization to the “interoception” that maintains unhelpful thought processes. The 4 stages of MiCBT provide a clear structure for both therapists and clients to support progressive implementation of mindfulness skills in challenging situations in daily life.

    The North American Chapter of the MiCBT Institute is offering two exciting clinical training opportunities for Psychologists and other mental health professionals