Collaborative Practice

CPA has been and is involved in a number of activities in support of collaborative practice.

Podcast: Role of Psychologists on Primary Health Care Teams

In December 2009, CPA was invited by the Health Council of Canada to create a podcast to talk about innovations in health care. The podcast talks about the role of psychologists on primary health care teams. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Primary Care Psychology

In 2008, Dr. Jean Grenier was invited to join a newly developed Family Health Team (FHT). With his research interests focusing on collaboration between psychology and medicine in primary care, it did not take him long to realize he had in front of him a golden opportunity to link research to practice, and vice-versa. Wearing his educator, researcher, and clinician hat, he accepted, with one request: that the FHT become a training opportunity/site for doctoral level psychology candidates, under his supervision.

Find out more about the FHT and its success as a training opportunity/site for doctoral level psychology candidates in the Winter 2010 Issue of Psynopsis.