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Call for Nominations for a Canadian Delegate To the General Assembly of the International Union of Psychological Science

The Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) is responsible for managing Canada’s membership in the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS) ( IUPsyS is the international body dedicated to the advancement of psychology as a science around the world. Until last year, the Canadian National Committee for IUPsyS (CNC/IUPsyS) was the CPA committee charged with the work. Now, the CPA committee in charge of this work is the International Relations Committee (IRC).

Canada is entitled to two delegates to the General Assembly of IUPsyS. These are the individuals who attend the formal meetings of IUPsyS (held every two years) and who vote for Canada at these meetings. CPA and the National Research Council of Canada contribute to the travel costs for the delegates to attend these meetings. The next meeting will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, in July 2020 (in conjunction with the International Congress of Psychology).

At this time, we seek nominations for ONE delegate, to complete Dr. Marta Young’s term who sadly passed away last Fall. Her term was due to end after the IUPsyS General Assembly meeting to be held in conjunction with the International Congress of Applied Psychology in Beijing, China, in July 2022. Whoever is appointed to complete Dr. Young’s term will be eligible for re-appointment in 2022.

Nominees must be Members/Fellows in good standing of CPA. Preference will be given to psychologists who have been involved in national or international organizations in psychology and whose major professional activity involves research and teaching, and whose CVs are judged by the IRC to meet these criteria.

The name of the preferred nominee will be submitted to the CPA Board of Directors for approval and appointment. The term will begin at the CPA Convention in May 2020.

Each nomination shall consist of:

  • a letter from the nominator that states the position for which the candidate is being nominated, expresses support for the candidate, and contains a statement to the effect that the nominator has ascertained the candidate’s willingness to stand for nomination;
  • a current curriculum vitae of the candidate (including educational background, present and former positions, research and professional activities, organization membership and involvement, and international congress participation); and
  • two supporting letters from individuals familiar with the nominee’s contributions.

The deadline to submit nominations is February 12, 2020 at 23:59 (Eastern Standard Time). For more information, or to submit nominations and supporting documents, send an e-mail to the Chair of the IRC, Dr. Janel Gauthier, at