Definition of Evidence-Based Practice of Psychological Treatments

Dear Colleague:

We are contacting you to invite your feedback on the enclosed document entitled “Evidence Based Practice of Psychological Treatment: A Canadian Perspective.” In the summer of 2011, the Board of Directors of the Canadian Psychological Association launched a task force charged with developing a set of criteria to be used to define evidence based practice (EBP) of psychological treatments. The task force’s mandate is to develop a position statement for CPA about the integration of research evidence into professional practice within the Canadian context.

The task force is comprised of academics and practitioners representing various theoretical orientations, geographic regions, and areas of practice, as well as a consumer representative. Task force members include Dr. Lynn Alden, Dr. Peter Bieling, Dr. Guy Bourgon, Dr. David Clark, Dr. David Dozois (Co-Chair), Dr. Martin Drapeau, Mr. Dave Gallson, Dr. Les Greenberg, Dr. John Hunsley, Dr. Charlotte Johnston and Dr. Sam Mikail (Co-Chair).

The enclosed document is the first draft of what will ultimately be a comprehensive set of guidelines intended to support Canadian psychologists in providing treatment that is guided by the best available evidence. The document is not intended as a comprehensive review of the EBP literature. Rather, it defines EBP, what constitutes evidence, and a hierarchy of available evidence. Eventually, the document will also contain several case examples from various areas of practice that will serve to illustrate the manner in which the hierarchy can be applied to different patient problems and populations. At a later date, we will call on representative groups of Canadian professional psychology to aid in the development of these case examples. The final document will also include resource materials to help professional psychologists in locating reliable information regarding EBP.

We believe that it is critically important to seek input from the Canadian psychology community concerning the proposed definition and hierarchy.

After reading the draft (click here to download PDF), please go to the link at the bottom of the page and let us know what you think. We have posed a few brief questions but especially welcome any comments you would like to offer. The survey posted at the link will remain live until April 15, 2012. Please feel free to share the document with colleagues who may find it of interest and would wish to comment.

David Dozois, Ph.D., and Sam Mikail, Ph.D.
Co-Chairs, CPA EBP Task Force

Feedback survey on CPA’s Definition of Evidence-Based
Practice of Psychological Treatments