Notice of Special Meeting of CPA Members

A special meeting of members of the Canadian Psychological Association will be held virtually, on Friday September 21, 2018 at 2 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) for the purposes of:

  1. Considering, and if determined appropriate, adding the provision set out below to the CPA By-Laws, as approved by the directors, to allow for advance electronic voting on motions put before the membership.
  2. Discussing proposed changes to CPA’s governance structure.

The proposed revisions to the CPA By-laws will be put forward for approval pursuant to the following special resolution of the members: BE IT RESOLVED that the proposed revisions to the CPA By-laws, as reflected in the notice of the meeting, be, and the same are hereby, approved.

The proposed revisions to the By-laws are limited to adding the following section as section 4.13, and re-numbering the sections of the by-laws that follow to provide for the addition of section 4.13:

    4.13 Electronic Ballots
    Without limiting section 5.05, if the Corporation makes available an electronic ballot system, members who cannot attend a meeting of the members may vote in advance of the meeting by electronic ballot in accordance with the instructions provided by the Corporation, provided that any such system (a) enables the votes to be gathered in a manner that permits their subsequent verification; and (b) permits the tallied votes to be presented to the Corporation without it being possible for the Corporation to identify how each member voted. An electronic ballot is valid only at the meeting in respect of which it is given or any adjournment thereof. Once tallied, the votes cast by electronic ballot will be added to the votes cast at the meeting to determine the outcome of the vote. No member shall be entitled to vote in person or by electronic means at a meeting of members if such member has cast her or his vote in advance of the meeting by electronic ballot.

Instructions on how to attend the virtual members meeting will follow.

BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS, on the 31st of August 2018.

Karen R. Cohen, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Proposed By-Law Amendments