Special Meeting of Members

Voting Results of Special Meeting of CPA Members

We would like to thank the 491 members who took the time to vote this past week on the five motions put forward by the board of directors.

Changes to the bylaws require a confirmation by special resolution of the members, which means they must be passed by a majority of no less than two-thirds of the votes cast. The vote closed at 2:00 pm EDT and all five motions were approved by the membership. The detailed results are as follows:

    Motion 1: President will be appointed from among directors elected to the board
    328 in favour (66.8%), 158 against, 5 abstentions

    Motion 2: External partners can attend board meetings, but cannot vote
    353 in favour (71.9%), 126 against, 12 abstentions

    Motion 3: Directors will be limited to two consecutive terms
    446 in favour (90.8%), 36 against, 9 abstentions

    Motion 4: The board can fill vacancies following an election
    384 in favour (78.2%), 76 against, 31 abstentions

    Motion 5: A new Council of Sections will nominate a member to the board
    434 in favour (88.4%), 31 against, 26 abstentions

The approved changes to the bylaws are effective immediately.