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Empirically Supported Treatments in Psychology: Recommendations for Canadian Professional Psychology
Task Force on Empirically Supported Treatments (Section on Clinical Psychology of the Canadian Psychological Association)


Appendix C. Template Guidelines for Developing Practice Guidelines (adapted from Task Force on Psychological Intervention Guidelines, 1995)

  • All interventions should be subject to empirical confirmation
  • Efforts should be made to generate systematic compilations of clinical consensus by sampling opinions across recognized interdisciplinary groups of experts
  • Each intervention should be subjected to an increasingly stringent set of methodologies designed to enhance confidence in the efficacy of that intervention
  • The Panel developing the guidelines should evaluate the acceptability of the intervention to patients who will receive the service
  • The Panel should evaluate the ease of dissemination of the intervention
  • The Panel should take into account the breadth of patient variables when evaluating patient characteristics in the intervention
  • The Panel should evaluate data on the efficacy of treatment when administered by therapists who differ on a number of relevant dimensions
  • The Panel should evaluate data on treatment robustness when evaluating the intervention
  • Costs and benefits: The Panel should consider the full range of costs and benefits associated with each intervention under consideration and with withholding interventions
  • Panels should be comprised of individuals with a broad range of documented expertise
  • Those appointing panels should be aware that conflicts of interest, both financial and professional, may occur and should take steps to prevent them
  • The Panel should define the process for and the methods of the project as carefully as possible
  • The Panel should agree on specific goals for constructing the guidelines
  • The Panel must decide on specific methods and strategies for reviewing evidence pertaining to the topic under consideration
  • A full report should be prepared by the Panel documenting findings and recommendations
  • The Panel should specify methods of evaluating the psychological intervention guidelines


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