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Empirically Supported Treatments in Psychology: Recommendations for Canadian Professional Psychology
Task Force on Empirically Supported Treatments (Section on Clinical Psychology of the Canadian Psychological Association)


Table of Contents

buttonr.jpg (864 bytes) Introductory Comments
buttonr.jpg (864 bytes) History of American Psychological Association Task Force on Promotion and Dissemination of Psychological Procedures
buttonr.jpg (864 bytes) Responses to the Task Forces Reports

Concerns with Terminology and Process
Concerns with Methodology used in Psychotherapy Research
Concerns with the Impact of the Report

buttonr.jpg (864 bytes) Alternative Options for Promoting Evidence-Based Practice
buttonr.jpg (864 bytes) Implications of the Empirically Supported Treatment Task Forces forClinical Psychology in Canada

Training Implications
Credentialing Implications
Practice Implications
Research Implications

buttonr.jpg (864 bytes) Recommendations
buttonr.jpg (864 bytes) References

Table 1: Criteria for Empirically Supported Treatments

Appendix A

Examples of Empirically Supported Treatments
References for Empirically Supported Treatment Listing

Appendix B
Key Organizing Principles for Practice Guidelines (adapted from Hayes, 1997)

Appendix C
Template Guidelines for Developing Practice Guidelines (adapted from Task Force on Psychological Intervention Guidelines, 1995)



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