Addiction Psychology Section

Addiction Psychology Section

Chair: Dr. Andrew (Hyounsoo) Kim


The primary goal of the Section on Addiction Psychology is to promote advances in scientific research, professional training, and clinical practice within the broad range of addiction psychology, including alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, food, overspending, and the Internet.

The Section aims to achieve these goals through the fostering and promoting of psychology and clinical practice in this field in Canada by:

  1. Promoting the roles of psychologists in the assessment and treatment of addictions.
  2. Improving the quality of psychological practice in the addictions field through establishing and promoting standards of clinical practice, promoting scientific research and psycho-education.
  3. Promoting professional and public awareness of the roles that psychologists can play in both the assessment and treatment of addictions.
  4. Promoting the development of programs for the assessment and treatment of addiction problems among psychologists.
  5. Promoting discussion of important issues in the area of addiction psychology.