Ethics / Déontologie

2020 – 2021 Committee / Comité

Vice-Chair / Vice-Président

Donald Stewart

Chair / Présidente

Janel Gauthier

Members / Membres

David Danto (Board Liaison – Observer)
Carole Sinclair
Paulette Hunter
Hélène Richard
Ivan Zinger
Cannie Stark
Meghan McMurtry
Robyn Shields (Student Member)
Stewart Madon (Ethics Officer – Observer)

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Accountability and Objectives

The Committee on Ethics is an arm’s-length standing committee of the Canadian Psychological Association Board of Directors. The Committee reports to the Board of Directors through the Committee Chair and a member of the Board of Directors appointed by the Board to be Board Liaison to the Committee.

The Committee on Ethics is available to the CPA Board of Directors and Head Office staff to: (i) respond to questions and requests for consultation from CPA members, psychology or other organizations, and members of the public; (ii) generate formal opinions on specific ethical questions/issues; (iii) consider the need for and develop new ethical guidelines for approval by the Board; (iv) guide the development of and revisions to the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists; (v) develop and/or provide educational resources for members; and (vi) review and provide recommendations for self-disclosures or external reports (e.g., regulatory bodies, media) of serious unethical or illegal conduct; and, (vii) when there is no alternative forum, review and seek informal resolution, or provide recommendations, regarding complaints of unethical conduct against members.