BCS Student Travel Grants

The BCS section of the CPA seeks to promote the activities of its membership in a variety of ways. In keeping with that aim, the BCS section will award a travel grant to two of its student members. These grants are intended to reduce the costs associated with participation at the CPA Annual Meeting

Number and value of awards: Up to 2 grants per year, valued at $500 each. The actual number of grants made each year will be determined by the Society’s Executive Committee, and will depend on the availability of funds

Eligibility: Any student member of the BCS section of the CPA who meets the following criteria is eligible to be considered for a travel grant:

  • s/he is the lead author on a spoken presentation or a poster accepted to the BCS section at the Annual Meeting of the CPA,
  • s/he registers and participates at the Annual Meeting of the CPA,
  • s/he has not received a BCS Student Travel Grant in the previous two years,
  • s/he agrees to have her/his name, portrait, and affiliation posted on the BCS section web site,
  • and s/he does not reside in the city/metropolitan community hosting (i.e., is not able to commute to) the Annual Meeting of the CPA

Selection: Award recipients will be selected from the pool of eligible student members by a lottery that will be conducted by the BCS section executive committee

Process: No application is required. Student presenters who will be part of the BCS section’s conference program will be automatically considered. Lottery results will be conveyed to the BCS Section membership within 1 month of the date that the CPA publishes accepted conference presentations

Payment: BCS Student Travel Grants will be paid following the close of the CPA Annual Meeting