Advanced Empathic Attunement: Part 1

February 9 & 10, 2024

Advanced Empathic Attunement: Part 1
Location: Online via Zoom
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Advanced Empathic Attunement: Part 1
with Dr. Robert Elliott, Ph.D.

February 9 & 10, 2024, 11:00am – 2:15pm (EST)
Online via Zoom

Please join The Centre for MindBody Health in this extraordinary opportunity to learn from the esteemed Dr. Robert Elliott as they present a workshop that centers on the pivotal role of empathy in therapy, particularly within Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT). The content underscores the often overlooked yet vital aspect of therapist empathy, characterizing it as both straightforward and intricate, apparent and uncertain. Our goal is to delve into the empathic attunement process in psychotherapy, specifically emphasizing its application in EFT. On the first day, we will present a conceptual framework for grasping therapist empathy, complemented by the engaging “Opening Channels of Receptivity” exercise. The second day will explore a range of empathic responses, with a special focus on two critical components: evocative reflection and empathic affirmation. This training incorporates concise lectures, video examples, and skill practice, aiming to enrich participants’ comprehension and practical application of empathic attunement in therapy.

Workshop Overview

• Develop your “empathic attitude” of curiosity & openness toward clients
• Enhance the level and quality of your empathic responding
• Broaden your repertoire of empathic responses
• “Lean in” empathically, especially when the other person is experiencing strong emotion

About the Presenter
Dr. Robert Elliott, Ph.D., is a professor emeritus of counseling at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, and also holds the same title in psychology at the University of Toledo, Ohio. With a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles, Robert’s research focuses on change processes in humanistic-experiential psychotherapies and research methodology. Honours include the Distinguished Research Career Award from the Society for Psychotherapy Research and the Carl Rogers Award from the APA’s Division of Humanistic Psychology. Visit our website for Robert Elliott’s full bio.

Target Audience
This workshop is intended for all health care professionals seeking to develop skills to offer Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) interventions in a safe, effective way for their clients dealing with trauma.

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