Statuts, Réglements et Procédures

2016-2017 Committee / Comité

Chair / président

Kevin Kelloway

Member / membre

Karen Cohen

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 Terms of Reference

  1. The Committee suggests, prepares and reviews changes to the By-laws, rules and procedures of the Association.
  2. The Committee presents proposed By-law changes to the Board of Directors for approval.
  3. The Committee refers Board approved By-Law changes for legal review.
  4. The Committee conveys to CPA’s Chief Executive Officer motions for inclusion on the Agenda for the Annual General Meeting.


The Committee reports to the Board of Directors through the Past-president who is the Director Responsible for By-laws, Rules and Procedures and the Committee Chair.


The Committee is composed of at least the Past-president (Committee Chair), CPA’s Chief Executive Officer and any Board member or Association member who is invited to sit on the Committee by the Chair.

Membership Term

Committee members, if appointed, are done so by the Past-president on behalf of the Board of Directors.  

Committee Size and Activity 

See Membership section above. 

Responsibilities of Committee Members

The Committee members are responsible for pursuing the terms of reference of the Committee. To this effect, members participate in all discussions pertaining to committee work and work on projects or issues brought forward by the Board of Directors or the Membership at a General Meeting of the Association.  

Meetings and Reporting

Throughout the year communication will take place primarily through e-mail. Conference calls will be arranged as needed by the Chair. Meetings are minuted. Regular communication of the plans and activities of the Committee will be provided to membership through the Annual Committee Report to the Annual General Meeting and through Psynopsis as needed and to the Board of Directors through reports to each Board meeting by the Committee Chair/Co-Chair.