Finance, Admin & Audit Committee / Comité des finances, de l’administration et de l’audit

2023 – 2024 Committee / Comité

Chair / Président

Eleanor Gittens

Members / Membres

Kerri Ritchie
Lisa Votta-Bleeker (ex-officio)

Contact the Committee / Contactez le comité

The Committee reviews financial and administrative matters on behalf of the Board of Directors and reports to the Board when appropriate.


To assist in the stable financial and administrative management of the Association.

Terms of Reference

  1. The Committee meets as required.
  2. The Committee works closely with the Chief Executive Officer and provides direction and support on Behalf of the Board of Directors.
  3. The Committee vets financial matters such as the annual CPA Budget before these matters are brought forward to the Board for consideration so as to improve the efficiency of Board deliberations.
  4. The Committee acts in a consultation role with the Chief Executive Officer as needed and as determined by the President.


The Committee reports to the Board of Directors through the President.


The Committee is composed of the President, the President-elect and the Past President of the Association and is chaired by the President.

Responsibilities of Committee Members

The Committee members are responsible for pursuing the vision and terms of reference of the Committee. To this effect, members participate in all relevant discussions as issues arise. Matters will be referred to the Board for consideration when deemed appropriate by the Committee. The Committee will take decisions on behalf of the Board when appropriate.

Membership Term

Committee members serve only as long as they hold the offices of President, Past President and President-elect.

Meetings and Reporting

Throughout the year communication will take place primarily through e-mail. Conference calls will be arranged by the Chair. Meetings are minuted. Regular communication of the plans and activities of the Committee will be provided to the Board of Directors by the President during Board meetings or at others times as deemed appropriate.