Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program

January to December 2024

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program
Location: Online
Contact Phone Number: (416) 978-2400
Contact E-Mail: learn@utoronto.ca
Event Link: https://learn.utoronto.ca/programs-courses/certificates/dialectical-behavior-therapy

The Certificate in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a specialized training program on an essential therapeutic practice.

It is designed for those wanting to learn DBT at an intensive level, and those who wish to better implement the treatment model in their profession.

DBT is comprised of four independent yet interconnected modes of intervention:

– Individual therapy
– Skills training (group)
– Coaching
– Consultation team

This Certificate Program helps you understand DBT’s theory and the application of each of these modes of intervention. Through rigorous content, applied training, exercises, discussions, role-playing, activities, and other multimedia you will learn from field leading practitioners on how to effectively utilize this powerful tool.