Toolkit for Social Responsiveness in Training

Canadian Council of Professional Psychology Programs / Conseil canadien des programmes de psychologie professionnelle (CCPPP)
CCTC 2020: Social Responsiveness in Health Service Psychology Education and Training Toolkit

CCTC Socially Responsive HSP Ed Training FINAL.pdf
Version française : CCTC_Socially-Responsive-Toolkit_2023-FR.pdf
Versión en español: CCTC_Socially-Responsive-Toolkit_2023-Spanish.pdf

From the document: At the Council of Chairs of Training Councils (CCTC) 2020, At the CCTC 2020 Conference, psychology training councils worked to achieve together what a single council cannot do alone. This was essentially a call to action for the Health Service Psychology (HSP) training community. Attendees identified ways training programs can act on long-standing concerns about health-related inequities, social injustice, systemic racism, and the role of unrecognized privilege. The goal was to shift norms, structures, and practices in HSP education and training to ensure that training faculty/supervisors are competent to prepare the next generation of psychologists to be socially responsive. In the spirit of cultural humility, we fully acknowledge that this is not a definitive document, and we recognize that important voices and perspectives may not have been fully represented.

We thank former CCPPP President, Dr. Sara Hagstrom, for her tireless service in the steering committee for this herculean effort, as well as members of the CCPPP community, executive, and Working Group Against Racism and Discrimination, as well as CPA Board members Dr. Kerri Ritchie and Ms. Alejandra Botia and CPA’s Accreditation Panel Chair Dr. Deb Dobson and its Registrar Dr. Stewart Madon for their contributions to the final product.