Submission Process to the R2P2

The R2P2 is a CPA-member-only portal that has been developed to allow CPA members to post requests for other CPA members to serve as participants in their research studies.

How do you make a submission to the Portal?

Submit your abstract using the R2P2 Submission Form.

You will require the following information to complete your submission:

  1. Title of your research project
  2. Brief description of your project (including project rationale and research questions)
  3. Specifics regarding your desired study population and participant’s obligation/role as a study participant
  4. Location of the study
  5. Link to the study’s website (if applicable)
  6. Duration of data collection (i.e., study’s start and end date)
  7. Lead(s) on project (Note: If you are a student submitting to the Portal, you must provide the name of your supervisor)

Are there any conditions to submitting your project?

Yes, there are conditions that must be met before your project will be accepted/posted. They are as follows:

  1. Evidence of REB approval is required.  You are asked to fax or email proof of ethics approval to Dr. Lisa Votta-Bleeker, CPA’s Director of Science Directorate, at 613-237-1674 or
  2. You must show that at least one member of the research team is a student or full member of CPA.
  3. You must have a psychologist on the research team.

How will you be notified of the status of your submission?

Once submitted, your project description will be reviewed by a CPA staff member. Following review, you will be notified, via email, of the reviewer’s decision.  The reviewer’s decision will be one of the following:

  1. Reviewed, waiting for documentation (e.g., proof of ethics approval)
  2. Reviewed, waiting for revisions (Note: staff will contact you to discuss any revisions that are required)
  3. Declined (Note: at times, projects are declined – for example, because they are seeking participants, such as children, who are not CPA members or because they do not meet the conditions of submission noted above)
  4. Accepted

Please note that CPA does not guarantee participant recruitment via the portal nor does it bear any responsibility for participants’ experience participating in your study.

How will CPA members know about your project?

Once accepted, project descriptions are posted in the Public Listings portion of the Portal on CPA’s website.

New postings will be announced via CPA’s electronic newsletter, CPA News.

Projects are deleted from the Portal when the study period ends.

Who can you contact if you have questions or need revisions to your submission?

Should you have any questions or require any changes to your project submission, you are asked to contact CPA by phone (613-237-2144 ext. 344) or email ( as soon as possible.