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Section for Asian Psychology LogoStatement of Purpose and Goals
The mission of the Asian Psychology Section is to strengthen the work of mental health professionals, researchers, and students to increase cultural responsivity and enhance the collective well-being of Asians in Canada.

Hereinafter, the word “Asian” will include but is not limited to individuals and communities who identify with Asian heritage (including multiracial), East Asian, Central Asian, Southeast Asian, Southwest Asian, and South Asian diaspora in Canada.

Purpose of the Section

The purpose of the Section is for members of Asian and non-Asian descent to come together to collaborate and amplify Asian voices in psychology. We aim to serve the needs and interests of the group through a commitment to applied practice, research, education, policy, and advocacy within Asian Psychology in Canada.

Founding Chairperson(s): Dr. Gina Ko, R.Psych. & Dr. Fred Chou, R.Psych.

Founding Officers: Dr. Nigel Lou, Dr. Gina Wong, R.Psych., Wei (Daisy) Zhang, Baljinder Sull, R.Psych. Dr. Houyuan Luo, R.Psych.

Non-CPA members who contributed to the founding of the Section: Carmen Huang, Gesthika Kaltsidis