Criminal Justice Psychology

Criminal Justice Psychology Section

Chair: Patrick Baillie, Ph.D., LL.B.


The Criminal Justice Psychology Section (CJPS) represents members of the Canadian Psychological Association who work in a variety of criminal justice and forensic settings. These include corrections, law enforcement, the courts, hospitals, community mental health, and academic settings. We have installed Directors-at-Large who have been tasked with developing specific areas within criminal justice (police, courts, and clinical/training) in order to better meet the needs of those practicing and researching in those areas.

Our newsletter, Crime Scene, provides an informal forum for debates, updates, news items, people on the move, conference news, student activities, and much more (but not enough to bore you!). It is freely distributed by e-mail to any interested party. You can easily have your name added to our distribution list by contacting Christopher Lively, Membership Coordinator.

The CJPS organizes workshops, symposiums, and discussion sessions at the annual CPA convention. We also award a cash prize for the best student poster. In addition, the Career Contribution Award and the Significant Contribution Awards are presented. These gatherings are a wonderful time to renew old acquaintances and to meet others with similar interests.

Please consider becoming a member of the CJPS and work with us to promote a strong section and advance the practice of Criminal Justice Psychology.