Psychology Services Evidence Based Reviews

The reviews consist of brief descriptions of the evidence-based assessment methods/measures and interventions that are used by psychologists in specific areas of practice. An emphasis is placed on the research evidence that supports the role of psychological factors in the onset and maintenance of the specific condition and on the efficacy of psychological services in assessing/treating patients. The roles of psychologists on health care teams are also described. Section members are encouraged to download the reviews and to disseminate them as needed.

The purposes of these reviews include:

  1. Provide psychologists who are new to the specified area of practice with an overview of the services available, along with references for further study
  2. Provide patient care managers with information about evidence-based psychological services to assist in decision-making about the disciplines needed on treatment teams
  3. Inform health care organizations of psychologists’ scope of practice
  4. Promote the importance of considering evidence when deciding on the services to be provided to patients
  5. Identify the role of psychologists in program development and evaluation with the goal of  improving the quality and efficiency of patient care

The reviews are written in language that healthcare providers can digest and are not specifically tailored for the general public. The documents are prepared with a consistent format in order to bring uniformity to the series and to ease resourcing by readers of multiple reviews. The reviews will be updated as needed, at least every 5 years.

Psychologists who practice within Alberta Health Services (AHS) have prepared the initial set of reviews, the links for which can be found below, with more in preparation:

The Psychologists In Hospitals and Health Care CPA Section invites members to prepare additional reviews to be part of this series. Please contact Dr. Kerry Mothersill at for more information, to propose a topic and to submit a review for consideration.

PHHC Disclaimer:

PHHC Executive Committee  Message to Section Members:

The content of these resources was prepared independently by Alberta Health Services (AHS) psychologists and reviewed by the AHS Provincial Psychology Professional Practice Council (PPPPC).   These resources are presented to PHHC Section members on behalf of the AHS PPPPC, in support of efforts to share information on evidence-based practice relevant to psychologists and practice leaders in hospital and health care centres.  The  PHHC Section has not engaged in a separate review of these resources.  We would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Kerry Mothersill, the AHS PPPPC, and the contributing psychologists at AHS for their collective generosity in sharing these resources with our Section members.