How to Form a CPA Section

Procedures for Forming a Section

Approval to establish a Section within CPA may be granted by the Board of Directors when a group of at least 25 CPA Fellows and Members of the Association submit a petition which includes:

  • a statement of purpose and goals of the proposed Section;
  • the name of the Section;
  • the name of the founding Chairperson or Coordinator; and
  • the name(s) of any other founding officers.

The petition should include the names of the petitioners (on a single or on separate sheets of paper) and should be forwarded to the Board of Directors through the Chair of the Council of Sections via the CPA Head Office email address:

Prior to formal approval, proposed Sections may request a one-hour block of time for a business meeting at the next CPA Convention.  Such a request should be directed to the Convention Manager at CPA Head Office ( by November 1st of the calendar year before the next Convention.

Developing Section Terms of Reference

Within one year of obtaining approval to establish a Section, a Section is required to pass Terms of Reference (by email vote or at the Section’s annual meeting held during the Convention) in conformity with the following Terms of Reference ( Section Terms of Reference must completely parallel the example Terms of Reference structure and only the text highlighted in yellow can be modified.

These Section-passed Terms of reference shall then be forwarded for Board approval to the Chair of the Council of Sections via email at: Section Terms of Reference may completely parallel the Model Terms of Reference structure, or may add additional items as the Section sees fit.