CPA 2019 Federal Election and Post-Election Advocacy Initiatives

In September 2019, CPA will launch its 2019 federal elections microsite.  It will include:

  • Links to information about the registered parties and their election platforms ./li>
  • Tips and explanations about the role of campaign volunteers and about how interested members and affiliates can get involved in the political process.
  • How you can connect with your local riding MP and candidates – even sending them a letter to express your concerns about the need to address and discuss issues relevant to psychological health and science as part of the campaign (both locally and nationally).
  • Information about the advocacy positions CPA has taken in its recent 2020 pre-election budget consultation and about what you might consider discussing with the candidates in your riding.
  • A link to a popular website among those with a passion for politics that has cool features to track regional trends, poll numbers, seat projections, and available riding by riding analyses.

The microsite will also launch a new Very Involved Psychologist (VIP) and Very Involved Psychology Researcher (VIPR) post-election advocacy initiative. The VIP/VIPR program will be a longer-term strategic initiative that aims to enlist interested CPA members with a passion for policy and politics to act as advocates on health and science issues with their local MPs. No one is a better advocate than a passionate expert who’s established a personal connection to their local MP.

Note, CPA as an organization is non-partisan and does not endorse any particular political parties or candidates. Through our initiatives, the CPA’s goal is to assist its members who have interest in being informed and engaged in the political process.  Note too that we will not be bombarding anyone with regular election updates, save reminders to consider visiting the site.