Social and Personality Section Awards

Section Student Awards

Each year, the Social Personality section offers two awards to students presenting at the annual CPA conference. These awards, named to honour the memory of two Canadian social psychologists who made outstanding contributions to the field during their careers, recognize the best undergraduate (the Kenneth Dion Award) and the best graduate student (the Brendan Gail Rule Award) submissions. The SP section executive adjudicate the competition, selecting first and second place winners for each award. Each recipient receives a certificate to commemorate their receipt of the award. In addition, first place winners receive a $100 prize and second place winners receive a $50 prize. All students planning on attending the conference are invited to apply for the award. Undergraduates are especially encouraged to apply.

The application instructions for the Kenneth Dion Award and the Brendan Gail Rule Award are identical. What follows is applicable to both awards.

Requirements: The student must be the first author on the project. Also, for the Kenneth Dion Award, the applicant must be an undergraduate student, and for the Brendan Gail Rule Award, the applicant must be a graduate student.

Due Date: TBA

To Apply: Students who would like their work considered for the award must make a submission separate from the CPA submission to be sent to the current awards program administrator of the Social-Personality section. This submission should include the following.

1. A cover letter indicating that they would like to be considered for the award.

2. A 400-word Abstract for Committee Review. This abstract must contain the name(s) and institution(s) of the author(s). The following headings and format should be used.

  1. Title:
  2. Area: Briefly state your specific issue.
  3. Context: Put the research in context by providing adequate background information on relevant scholarly literatures, including references.
  4. Methodology: State the design, size and characteristics of the sample, procedure, materials, and statistical tests employed, providing rationale as needed.
  5. Results: Key findings.
  6. Conclusions and implications.

3. Two copies of the abstract should be submitted: one with the authors’ names included and one without, so blind reviews may be done.

All materials must be e-mailed with the subject line “BG Rule Award” to:

    Dr. Tara Burke
    2014-2015 Awards Program Administrator
    Social-Personality Section of CPA


Previous Award Winners

The following list is incomplete. If you have information that would fill in the gaps, please send it to Sana Rizvi,

Brendan Gail Rule Award

  • 2011: Sean P. Mackinnon (Dalhousie U.); Finalist: Régine Debrosse (McGill U.)
  • 2010:
  • 2009: Karen O’Brian (U. of Manitoba), Katia Keefer (Queen’s U.) [co-winners]
  • 2008: Johanna Peetz (Wilfrid Laurier U.); Finalist: Paula Brochu (The U. of Western Ontario)
  • 2007: Rebecca Malhi (U. of Calgary); Finalist: Simon Pierre-Harvey (U. du Québec à Montréal)
  • 2006: Benjamin Giguere (York U.); Finalists: Johanna Peetz (Wilfrid Laurier U.), Alishia Alibhai (U. of Calgary)
  • 2005: Lianne McLellan (Queen’s U.)
  • 2004: Matt Burnett (U. of Saskatchewan)
  • 2003: Sarah Fraser (Concordia U.); Finalist: Vassili Spyropoulous (Wilfrid Laurier U.)
  • 2002: Heather Lawson (Wilfrid Laurier U.)
  • 2001: Faby Gagne (McGill U.)
  • 2000: Kimberly Burton (McGill U.); Finalists: Anne L. Israeli (Dalhousie U.), John Kowal (U. of Ottawa)
  • 1999: Winnifred R. Louis (McGill U.); Finalists: Cheryl Terrance (Carleton U.), Lesley M. Akst (The U. of Western Ontario)
  • 1998: Christina Simms (U. of Calgary); Finalists: Stacey Nairn (U. of Calgary)
  • 1997: Lisa Sinclair (U. of Waterloo)
  • 1996: Tamarha Pierce (McGill U.)
  • 1995: Yves Chantal (Quebec – Montreal); Finalists: Silvana Macdonald (York U.), Jennifer Watson (Simon Fraser U.)
  • 1994: Sheree Kwong See (McMaster U.)
  • 1993: Pierre Foisy (Concordia U.)
  • 1992:
  • 1991: Cathy Giordano (U. of Waterloo); Finalists: Neal J. Roese (The U. of Western Ontario), Krista Trobst (U. of British Columbia)

Kenneth Dion Award

  • 2011: An Gie Yong (Wilfrid Laurier U.)
  • 2010: Rachel Ross (U. of Calgary); Finalist: Cindy Ward (U. of Waterloo)
  • 2009: Leah Funk (U. of Winnipeg; Finalist: Gavin Docherty (U. of British Columbia)
  • 2008:
  • 2007:
  • 2006: Annette Gagnon (U. of Manitoba); Finalists: Danielle DeSorcy (U. of Saskatchewan), Justin Friesen (U. of Winnipeg)