Social and Personality Section Awards

This year, we have begun to bring back annual awards to our section to recognize student excellence. In the past, our section offered the Brendan Gail Rule Award and the Kenneth Dion Award to recognize student excellence. These awards, named to honour the memory of two Canadian social psychologists who made outstanding contributions to the field during their careers, recognize the best undergraduate (the Kenneth Dion Award) and the best graduate student (the Brendan Gail Rule Award) submissions. Although we held off opening applications for these legacy awards until 2023, in the interim, we are offering student awards for ‘Best Poster’ and ‘Best Talk’ in the Social and Personality section at the CPA 2022 Convention.

The awards were based on the quality of the abstract submissions that were first rated by 2-3 independent reviewers. Then, the winners were selected from a list of finalists by our section’s awards committee.

Two winners were selected for the ‘2022 CPA Social & Personality Best Student Poster’ award and one winner was selected for the ‘2022 CPA Social & Personality Best Talk’ award. Each winner will receive a $100 cash prize and their names will be posted on the ‘Student Award Winners’ section of our website.

‘2022 CPA Social & Personality Best Student Poster’ Award Winners

Kesaan Kandasamy
Kesaan Kandasamy, Ryerson University,
The Effects of Discrimination on the Psychological Distress of Chinese Canadians during COVID-19
Co-authors: Lixia Yang, Ling Na, Peizhong Wang, Weiguo Zhang
Rama Eloulabi
Rama Eloulabi & Bidushy Sadika, Western University,
Dehumanizing “Others” during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Review
Co-author: Victoria Esses

‘2022 CPA Social & Personality Best Talk’ Award Winner

Yekta Sharafaddin-zadeh, University of Alberta, Canadians’ Perceptions of and Attitudes towards Face Masks on Twitter During the First Wave of COVID-19 Pandemic: The Rise of Anti-Mask Sentiment
Co-authors: Kimberly Noels, Heather Young-Leslie, Veronica Slam, Denilson Barbosa, Nigel Lou, Ying Shan Doris Zhang

Previous Award Winners

The following list is incomplete. If you have information that would fill in the gaps, please send it to

Brendan Gail Rule Award

  • 2011: Sean P. Mackinnon (Dalhousie U.); Finalist: Régine Debrosse (McGill U.)
  • 2010:
  • 2009: Karen O’Brian (U. of Manitoba), Katia Keefer (Queen’s U.) [co-winners]
  • 2008: Johanna Peetz (Wilfrid Laurier U.); Finalist: Paula Brochu (The U. of Western Ontario)
  • 2007: Rebecca Malhi (U. of Calgary); Finalist: Simon Pierre-Harvey (U. du Québec à Montréal)
  • 2006: Benjamin Giguere (York U.); Finalists: Johanna Peetz (Wilfrid Laurier U.), Alishia Alibhai (U. of Calgary)
  • 2005: Lianne McLellan (Queen’s U.)
  • 2004: Matt Burnett (U. of Saskatchewan)
  • 2003: Sarah Fraser (Concordia U.); Finalist: Vassili Spyropoulous (Wilfrid Laurier U.)
  • 2002: Heather Lawson (Wilfrid Laurier U.)
  • 2001: Faby Gagne (McGill U.)
  • 2000: Kimberly Burton (McGill U.); Finalists: Anne L. Israeli (Dalhousie U.), John Kowal (U. of Ottawa)
  • 1999: Winnifred R. Louis (McGill U.); Finalists: Cheryl Terrance (Carleton U.), Lesley M. Akst (The U. of Western Ontario)
  • 1998: Christina Simms (U. of Calgary); Finalists: Stacey Nairn (U. of Calgary)
  • 1997: Lisa Sinclair (U. of Waterloo)
  • 1996: Tamarha Pierce (McGill U.)
  • 1995: Yves Chantal (Quebec – Montreal); Finalists: Silvana Macdonald (York U.), Jennifer Watson (Simon Fraser U.)
  • 1994: Sheree Kwong See (McMaster U.)
  • 1993: Pierre Foisy (Concordia U.)
  • 1992:
  • 1991: Cathy Giordano (U. of Waterloo); Finalists: Neal J. Roese (The U. of Western Ontario), Krista Trobst (U. of British Columbia)

Kenneth Dion Award

  • 2011: An Gie Yong (Wilfrid Laurier U.)
  • 2010: Rachel Ross (U. of Calgary); Finalist: Cindy Ward (U. of Waterloo)
  • 2009: Leah Funk (U. of Winnipeg; Finalist: Gavin Docherty (U. of British Columbia)
  • 2008:
  • 2007:
  • 2006: Annette Gagnon (U. of Manitoba); Finalists: Danielle DeSorcy (U. of Saskatchewan), Justin Friesen (U. of Winnipeg)