Student Resources

Part of the Student Section’s mission is to provide psychology students with valuable resources regarding their education, training and career development.

Here is a growing collection of information provided by the Section Executive that may be useful to students. Browse the Section webpages for more information relevant to psychology students. If there is a topic that that you would like information to be available about, please contact the Section Chair.

NEWNew Mental Health Resource of Sexual Minority Men: Our Mental Health Matters Too

Goodhead.caThe Goodhead Website is a a research-based mental health resource for sexual minority men. This knowledge translation project was funded by a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Community Support Grant from the Institute of Gender and Health, with additional support from Dr. Daniel Grace, the Canada Research Chair in Sexual and Gender Minority Health at the University of Toronto. This website was created as a tool to help gay, bisexual, queer and other guys into guys learn more about the social factors affecting their mental health. It offers great navigation tips on how to access and to evaluate mental health care supports in Ontario and functions as well as an advocacy tool to expand mental health services for sexual minorities. The website also serves as resource for health service providers working with LGBTQIA2+ communities.

Link to Website:

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Student Internships

The CPA is pleased to post a link to the e-book “Match Made on Earth, 2nd Edition”. It is edited by Dr. Rebecca Pillai Riddell, CPsych (York University) and Dr. Melanie Badali, RPsych (North Shore Stress and Anxiety Clinic). This workbook has been reviewed and financially supported by the Canadian Council for Professional Psychology Programs (CCPPP). Copyright of the workbook, however, rests with its editors. Because the workbook is not a CPA document, it has not been translated into French. The new manual is available free of charge:

General Student Resources

Applying To Canadian Graduate School

Be sure to read the “Psychology Works” Fact Sheet: Applying To Canadian Graduate Schools

Planning a Career in Psychology

Are you planning a career in psychology?  If yes, be sure to download Planning a Career in Psychology: A Canadian Perspective for University Bound and Beginning University Students.

Resources for Campus Representatives

Print this poster and display it in your department to attract new CPA student members. French version.

Conduct a presentation (powerpoint presentation and notes) to undergraduate students on Applying to Graduate School. French version (powerpoint presentation and notes).

Ontario Psychological Association Early Career Psychologist Project

This document is a practical organizational guide for Psychological Associations about how to develop and maintain the membership and involvement of early career psychologists in their Association. It is a compilation of the efforts and strategies of the Early Career Psychologist Taskforce in the Ontario Psychological Association (OPA). Many of the ideas and strategies can be broadly applied and modified to meet the needs of both small and large Associations. Click here to download the guide or contact the OPA for more information.

Sites of Interest 

Below is a collection of other websites which you may find useful. If you have or know of a website that could be added to this list, please contact the Communcations Officer.

Summaries of results of two recent surveys on interprofessional education are available: