Bénéficiaires des subventions de recherche pour les étudiants

Félicitations aux bénéficiaires des subventions de recherche pour les étudiants de 2021

La SCP est heureuse d’annoncer que les personnes suivantes ont été retenues comme bénéficiaires de l’une de ses subventions de recherche pour les étudiants de 2021. Ces subventions reconnaissent des travaux de recherche réalisés par des étudiants dans tous les domaines de la psychologie. Cette année, les subventions ont été accordées par la SCP, conjointement avec la SCSCCC, et par BMS Canada. Félicitations à tous!

Gagnants 2022

Type de subvention Destinataire Titre de la recherche Affiliation Montant Superviseur
BMS Jacob Koudys An Investigation of Learning in Social Exchanges: Paradigm Validation to Delve Differences Across the Suicide Spectrum University of Toronto 2500 Anthony Ruocco
BMS Nicole MacKenzie Understanding Effective Implementation from Diverse Stakeholder Perspectives: A Discrete Choice Experimental Method Study Dalhousie University 2500 Christine Chambers
BMS Danielle Smith Inclusive Mental Health: A Case Study of Newcomer Families’ Experiences of School-Based Mental Health University of Calgary 500 Jose Domene
BMS Emily Thornton Strengths to Grow: Evaluating strengths-based parenting interventions for caregivers of 4 to 14-year-olds. University of Guelph 500 Margaret Lumley
CPA-SAC Taryn Gaulke The Impact of Birth Order and Number of Children on Family Factors in Families of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders University of Manitoba 1500 Jen Theule
CPA-SAC Vasileia Karasavva Speak Up or Stay Silent? Examining the Rates, Routes, and Outcomes of Non-consensual Intimate Image Dissemination Disclosure Carleton University 1500 Adelle Forth
CPA-SAC Sophie Coelho Using Ecological Momentary Assessment to Assess Standard Tetrahydrocannabinol Units Across Different Cannabis Products: A Feasibility Study York University 1500 Jeffrey Wardell
CPA-SAC Maya Amestoy The role of positive school support in enhancing psychological well-being and reducing internalized stigma in LGBTQ2S+ postsecondary students University of Toronto Scarborough 1500 Amanda Uliaszek
CPA-SAC Fei Ying The Impact of Partner Schemas on Observable Behaviours Between Couples University of Western Ontario 1500 David Dozois
CPA-SAC Adhm Zahran Sexual Minority Stress and Alcohol Misuse Among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Sexual Minority Men in Canada Toronto Metropolitan University 1500 Trevor Hart
CPA-SAC Sophia Tran Determining the Underling Mechanisms of Effective Encoding for Memory and Comprehension University of Waterloo 1500 Myra Fernandes
CPA-SAC Yadurshana Sivashankar Exploring the Utility of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Approaches to Enhance Spatial Memory University of Waterloo 1500 Myra Fernandes
CPA-SAC Shayna Pierce Addressing Unmet Perinatal Mental Healthcare Needs in Canada: Next Steps for Integrating Patient-Oriented e-Health Interventions and Referrals into Primary Healthcare University of Manitoba 1500 Kristin Reynolds
CPA-SAC Ashley Balsom An Exploration of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Women Experiencing Infertility: A Randomized Controlled Trial University of Regina 1500 Jennifer Gordon
CPA-SAC Sommer Knight Black Fatigue: The Intergenerational Impact of Systemic Racism on the Well-Being of Black Canadians University of Ottawa 1500 Irene Vitoroulis
CPA-SAC Stephanie Cragg Members of the Disability Community and their Perceptions of Disability Representation in the Media: A Qualitative Study University of Windsor 1500 Kathryn Lafreniere
CPA-SAC Kesia Courtenay Self-Concept Across Time in PTSD: Remembering the Past and Imagining the Future Toronto Metropolitan University 1500 Todd A. Girard
CPA-SAC Jessie Doyle Borderline Personality Vulnerabilities for Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration in a Nonforensic Sample: Developing a Typology and Theoretical Model University of New Brunswick 1500 Mary Ann Campbell
CPA-SAC Christopher Kowalski What Are You Ruminatin About?:The Validation of a Content-Dependent Measure of Rumination The University of Western Ontario 1500 Donald Saklofske
CPA-Student Oya Pakkal Social status and emotion recognition: Does hierarchy shape adolescents’ emotion recognition accuracy? BROCK UNIVERSITY 500 Elizabeth Shulman
CPA-Student Aalim Makani Effects of arousal and salience on decision making in younger and older adults Toronto Metropolitan University 500 Julia Spaniol
CPA-Student Alexandra Uhrig The Influence of Perceived Peer Norms on Transgender University Students’ Alcohol Use Toronto Metropolitan University 500 Sarah Dermody
CPA-Student Menahal Latif Real World Familiarization: How novel faces become familiar Toronto Metropolitan University 500 Margaret Moulson
CPA-Student Joshua Remedios Autonomous Functioning and Minority Stress Carleton University 500 Katie Gunnell
CPA-Student Amy Beaudry The Impact of Virtual Service Delivery on Factors Supporting Change in Men’s Behaviour Change Programs: A Mixed Methods Study of the Partner Assault Response Program in Ontario Toronto Metropolitan University 500 David Day
CSBBCS Richard Drake Improving working memory training: The role of content variability Dalhousie University 1500 Gail Eskes


Gagnants 2021

Type de subvention Destinataire Titre de la recherche Affiliation Montant Superviseur
BMS Abraham Eleenor Depressive symptoms in youth: An investigation of rumination, executive function, and familial factors University of Waterloo 2500 Tara McCauley
BMS Hill Taylor Pathways to Well-Being: Combining Theory Development and Empirical Testing Dalhousie University 2500 Sean Mackinnon
BMS Lau Chloe Unique Expressions of Cheerfulness across Six Countries Western University 2500 Donald Saklofske
CSBBCS Kara-Yacoubian Mane Effects of Emotion on Hindsight Bias in Younger and Older Adults Ryerson University 1500 Julia Spaniol
SAC Alter Udi Recommendations for Precision-Based Sample Size Planning Using Estimation Statistics York University 1500 Robert Cribbie
SAC Azzi Michelle How do Psychotherapists Make Clinical Decisions in Real-Time?  Assessing Engagement in Evidence-Based Practice McGill University 1500 Martin Drapeau
SAC Beaulieu Danie The Consequences of Social Acceptance: Applying Social Psychology Theoretical Frameworks in Disordered Eating and Weight Status University of New Brunswick 1500 Lisa Best
SAC Corran Charlotte A Prospective Examination of Anxiety Sensitivity Risk for Undergraduate Alcohol Concordia University 1500 Roisin O’Connor
SAC Foshay Jeffrey A Model of Reconciliatory Motivated Unwanted Pursuit Behaviours among Emerging Adults; The Impact of Relational Churning University of New Brunswick Saint John 1500 Lucia O’Sullivan
SAC Ge Sabrina How Effective Therapists Use Rupture Resolution Strategies The University of British Columbia 1500 Paul Hewitt
SAC Hogan Emily Paternal Depression Symptoms, Coparenting Quality, and Family Quality of Life: The Mediating Role of Social Support University of Manitoba 1500 Jen Theule
SAC Jones Samantha Stress in the Aftermath of a Psychological Contract Disruption University of Calgary 1500 Joshua Bourdage
SAC Kalchos Linnea School-Based Support Services through the Process of School
Integration: A Phenomenological Exploration of Newcomer Youth
University of British Columbia 1500 Anusha Kassan
SAC Leung Tiffany A Personal History of Trauma and Experience of Secondary Traumatic Stress, Vicarious Trauma, and Burnout in Mental Health Workers: A Systematic Literature Review Lakehead University 1500 Christopher Mushquash
SAC Lipsitz Orly A Dimensional Approach to Cognitive Dysfunction and Functional Disability in Psychopathology University of Toronto 1500 Anthony Ruocco
SAC Mastrella Simonne Don’t Look So Anxious: The Impact of Anxious Nonverbal Behaviour on Interview Performance Ratings University of Guelph 1500 Deborah Powell
SAC Quan Cindy Intervention to Promote Help-Seeking for Mental Health Issues in Asian Canadian Communities University of Victoria 1500 Cathy Costigan
SAC Snaychuk Lindsey Predictors of Stigma in Sex Addiction: Do Women Experience Greater Stigma Compared to Men? Ryerson University 1500 Andrew (Hyoun Soo) Kim
SAC Zareashkezari Manzarsadat Coping at the Intersection of Racism, Sexism, and Islamophobia: The Case of Muslim Women in Canada University of Ottawa 1500 Monnica Williams
STUDENT Carrol Taylor Understanding and Mitigating Variability in Leaders’ Procedural Fairness University of Waterloo 500 Ramona Bobocel
STUDENT Couturier Laura The Impact of Weight Stigma (WS) and Weight Bias Internalization (WBI) Among Youth: The Role of Shame, Self-Compassion and Social-Safeness Memorial University of Newfoundland 500 Jacqueline Carter-Major
STUDENT Deslauriers Frédérique Understanding the social, mental, and health impacts of COVID-19 in Canada: Leveraging and extending data from the iCARE Study Université du Québec à Montréal 500 Kim Lavoie
STUDENT Hickey Patrick Association between healthcare access and psychological wellness: An examination of individuals in the 2SLGBTQIA+ community University of New Brunswick 500 Lisa Best
STUDENT Mou Lennox Understanding Men’s Use of Tactics In Sexual Coercion: A Network Analysis University of Windsor 500 Charlene Senn
STUDENT Oliver Casey Technology-Facilitated Sexual Harassment: A Longitudinal Investigation of Mental Distress in Women Lakehead University 500 Dwight Mazmanian


Gagnants 2020

Type de subvention Destinataire Titre de la recherche Affiliation Montant Superviseur
BMS Christopher Lively Youth Interrogation Rights: Can Comprehension Be Enhanced Through The Multimedia Effect? Memorial University of Newfoundland 2,500 Brent Snook
BMS Claire Champigny Determinants of Cognitive Outcome in Pediatric Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke York University 2,500 Mary Desrocher
BMS Vincent Santiago Adapted Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Food Addiction: A Randomized Controlled Trial Ryerson University 2,500 Stephanie Cassin
CPA Laura Kabbash Moving Beyond Risk and Need: An Evaluation of Service Utilization and Responsivity Factors among service providers and individuals experiencing homelessness University of New Brunswick 1,500 Scott Ronis
CPA Casey Oliver Technology-Facilitated Sexual Harassment and Psychological Functioning: The Role of Self-Objectification Lakehead University 1,500 Dwight Mazmanian
CPA Kayla Boileau Examining the effects of racism, discrimination, and historical trauma on Canadian Indigenous Peoples’ psychological and physiological wellbeing University of Ottawa 1,500 Andra Smith
CPA Jordan Ho Stigmatization of Tattooed Black Men in Hiring Contexts: A Multiple Categorization Approach University of Guelph 1,500 Deborah Powell
CPA Eden-Raye Lukacik Background Bias: Biasing Information in Asynchronous Video Interviews University of Calgary 1,500 Joshua Bourdage
CPA Tanja Samardzic Unpacking silencing: An exploration into young women’s relationships with [abusive] men University of Guelph 1,500 Paula Barata
CPA Christine Yu The Help-Seeking Process for Parents of Children with Anxiety: A Grounded Theory University of BC 1,500 Laurie Ford
CPA Vincent Gosselin Boucher Improving physician competency in communication skills for behaviour change counselling: The validation of a new digital assessment tool Université du Québec à Montréal 1,500 Kim Lavoie
CPA Emalie Hendel Are language intrusion errors in cued language switching paradigms due to eye movements or level of bilingualism? Université de Moncton 1,500 Jean Saint-Aubin
CPA Lauren Cormier Understanding the Role of Shame in Sexual Risk-Taking and Sexual Self-Esteem in Outpatients with Borderline Personality Disorder University of New Brunswick 1,500 Lucia O’Sullivan
CPA-CSBBCS Jessica Rocheleau Autistic Self-Advocacy and Safety Online Carleton University 1,500 Kasia Muldner

Gagnants 2019

Nom du bénéficiaire de la subvention
Titre/Objectif de recherche
Kheana Barbeau
Examining how women resolve cognitive dissonance during a body image threat and how these coping strategies affect motivation for eating regulation, body image, physiological stress responses, and weight-controlling behaviors
University of Ottawa
Ryan Cook
Validating the Conditional Reasoning Test for Workplace Psychopathy (CRT-WP)
Saint Mary’s University
Cody Fogg
How competition and inequality affect the workplace
University of Regina
Kelsi Toews
The Process of Help-Seeking and Help-Receiving among Men who have Experienced Intimate Partner Violence and their Service Providers
University of Saskatchewan
Christopher J. Lively
Youth Interrogation Rights: Can Comprehension Be Enhanced Through The Multimedia Effect?
Memorial University
Bailee Malivoire
Imagining the glass half-full: An intervention to improve negative interpretation bias in GAD
Ryerson University
Chelsea Moran
Questionable Research Practices, Replication Crisis and Open Science: A National Survey of Canadian Psychology Students
University of Calgary
Corey Petsnik
Does Socioeconomic Status Moderate Reactions to Ostracism?
University of Manitoba
Kristin M. Schramer
Understanding Turner Syndrome in Women using Photovoice
University of Windsor
René‐Pierre Sonier
Aging and episodic memory: Testing the Associative Deficit Hypothesis
University of Moncton
Elaine Toombs
Community Consultation of Primary Mental Health Care Needs in Rural Indigenous Communities
Lakehead University
Vivien So
Chinese Canadian young adults’ experiences of parental monitoring
University of Victoria
Odelia Wong
How AVI Design Affects Applicant Outcomes: Interview Performance, Impression Management, and Anxiety
Saint Mary’s University

Gagnants 2018

Nom du bénéficiaire de la subvention
Titre/Objectif de recherche
Catherine Gallagher
Trauma and substance use in women offenders: The transdiagnostic role of distress tolerance, anxiety sensitivity, and emotion regulation
University of New Brunswick
Jennifer Barnes
Examining association between maternal trauma, child attachment security, and child behaviours in refugee families in Canada
University of Manitoba
Rawa (Ruby) Jamil
Mental Health and Well-being in Arab-Canadian Immigrants
University of Windsor
Stephanie Lung
How do sensory patterns and cognitive flexibility contribute to the restricted, repetitive symptoms in school-aged children with autism?
McGill University
Duncan Greig
Evaluating the assessment and management of institutional violence risk in a forensic hospital
Simon Fraser University
Chastine Lamoureux
Motor stereotypes and early language acquisition: Understanding the relationship between rhythmic arm activity and reduplicated babble using a novel online longitudinal design
Ryerson University
Erin Dempsey
The development of moral foundations in autism spectrum disorder
Dalhousie University
Hilary Power
A qualitative exploration of the information and service needs of children and adolescents with cystic fibrosis
University of Regina
Kathleen Stewart
Reducing worry in generalized anxiety disorder through the training of attention control
Ryerson University
Soeun Lee
A pilot study of a 5-week group for parents of youth with chronic pain: Feasibility, acceptability and initial effectiveness
University of Guelph

Gagnants 2017

Nom du bénéficiaire de la subvention
Titre/Objectif de recherche
Anja-Xiaoxing Cui
Queens University
Musical Knowledge in the Brain
Ashlee Kitchenham
University of New Brunswick
Aging-Out of Foster Care: Career Development Success in the Contemporary World of Work
Brooke Beatie
University of Manitoba
Examining the Mental Health Profiles of Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia Caregivers
Claire Champigny
York University
The Academic Profile of Youth with Pediatric Stroke: Achievements, Challenges and Personal Experiences
Faith Eiboff
University of British Columbia
High Prevalence and Severity of Intimate Partner Violence among Homeless Women with Mental Illness
Kristene Cheung
University of Manitoba
Paternal Depression and Marital Quality: A Meta-Analysis.
Kaitlyn Werner
Carleton University
Understanding the Role of Motivation in the Visual Perception of Desires
Molly Cairncross
University of Windsor
Is your Mind Full? Th Effects of an Internet-delivered Mindfulness-based Intervention on Perceived Stress, Psychological Symptoms, and Emotion Regulation
Nigel Mantou Lou
University of Alberta
Social Comparisons Influence Migrants’ Language Mindsets and Cultural Adjustment
Victoria Ewen
Lakehead University
The Association between Cannabis Use, Affect and Psychiatric Symptoms Using Ecological Momentary Assessments